10 reasons to study at the University of Innsbruck

There are many good reasons to study at the University of Innsbruck. Here are 10 of them ...

Learning and research in the heart of the Alps

Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol, offers a special mixture of urban flair and impressive natural scenery thanks to its geographical location. Situated in the middle of the Alps, the city offers its residents, around a quarter of whom are students, a breathtaking panorama and a wide range of cultural and leisure activities.

View on Innsbruck from the Nordkette

The paths are short

The various locations of the University of Innsbruck are spread all over the city. Nevertheless: the distances are short - almost everything in Innsbruck can be reached in 20 minutes on foot or in 10 minutes by bike. The surrounding alpine pastures, lakes or ski resorts are also usually only a stone's throw away.

The full selection

Students at the University of Innsbruck have every opportunity: More than 170 different study options and continuing education programmes from a wide range of subject areas such as technology, theology, humanities, natural sciences, law, social sciences and economics are available.

Expand competences and supplement knowledge

Through Election packages and Extension Studies, students at the University of Innsbruck have the opportunity to deepen the skills acquired in a degree programme. For example, the Digital Science Center (DiSC) promotes digital competences through an offer that can be used by students of numerous disciplines and thus sets a focus on an important topic of the future.

Research with the best

Studying at the University of Innsbruck is more than just theory. Students learn in all disciplines from scientists who are in the middle of the research process. This means that they not only gain first-hand knowledge, but in many cases also have the opportunity to actively participate in research - be it in the context of a course, their own thesis or a research project.

Regionally anchored and globally networked

With a proportion of around 40 percent international students, learning and research in a global environment are guaranteed. Almost 500 cooperation agreements with individual institutes or universities in 50 countries enable students at the University of Innsbruck to expand their knowledge abroad and strengthen their language and social skills there.

Opposites attract

Innsbruck is where city and nature, tradition and modernity meet. The alpine-urban character of the city shows itself in many ways: From the first-class transport network to numerous cultural offerings as well as entertainment and shopping opportunities to traditional or alternative restaurants and bars.
Nature lovers and sports enthusiasts also have countless opportunities to explore Innsbruck and its surroundings with its parks, forests, lakes and mountains.

Those who want to study should also get a place

With a few exceptions, there are no admission restrictions at the University of Innsbruck: Anyone who wants to study should also get a place. The University of Innsbruck wants to offer all young people a chance and therefore does not put any unnecessary hurdles in their way.

Best advised

The Central Student Advisory Service is there to help and advise with questions about the range of courses on offer, starting and organising your studies, housing, balancing work and studies, etc.

With information, guidance and counselling, both first-year students and students of all fields of study are accompanied individually, competently and free of charge on their way through the university jungle.

Building bridges to the future together

One of the strengths of the University of Innsbruck is to be globally networked and regionally engaged, to use proven means to break new ground and to exercise academic freedom in the context of social responsibility.

With this diversity, we stand in the middle of society and build bridges into the future together.

Eine junge Frau steht an einem durchsichtigen Geländer im SoWi-Gebäude und trägt eine Umhängetasche mit dem Spruch „Wir bauen Brücken in die Zukunft“

More info

Find out more about studying at the University of Innsbruck at Central Student Advisory Service or visit Online session for a study programme of your choice.

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