University of Innsbruck


Leander Haug MSc

Lean­der Haug MSc

Raum: 3EG34

  • Bimetallic Catalyst Systems for Methane Dry Reforming
Kheyrollahi Parastoo MSc

Khey­rol­lahi Paras­too MSc

Raum: 3EG22

  • Mechanistic in situ insights into the formation, structural and catalytic aspects of La-based  perovskite catalysts in the dry reforming of methane

Mohammadi Asghar MSc

Mohammadi Asghar MSc

+43 512 507 58034

Raum: 3EG22

  • Double Perovskites as MIEC materials in deNOx applications
Christoph Thurner MSc

Chris­toph Thur­ner MSc

+43 512 507 58032

Raum: 3EG22

  • Metal-Mixed Oxide Interfaces for Sustainable Catalysis Fundamental Kinetic and in situ spectroscopic Reactivity Studies

Thomas Winterstein MSc

Tho­mas Win­ter­stein MSc

+43 512 507 58017

Raum: 3EG22

  • (Doppel-) Perovskitmaterialien in der Methantrockenreformierung