Dr. Andrea Auer

+43 512 507 58009

Raum: 3EG03c

  • Atomic scale characterization of electrified solid-liquid interfaces relevant for energy conversion and storage
  • Development and advancement of in-situ electrochemical scanning probe microscopy approaches
  • qPlus sensor based electrochemical AFM/STM
Dr. Nina Plankensteiner

Dr. Nina Plan­ken­stei­ner

+43 512 507 58008

Raum: 30244

  • Electrochemical COreduction in electrolyzers
  • Reaction product analysis by chromatography
  • Fabrication of membrane-electrode assemblies

Dr. Ser­gio Diaz Coello

+43 512 507 58016

Raum: 30244

Lucas Schei­bel BSc

Raum: 3EG22

Mehmet Coskun MSc

Meh­met Cos­kun MSc

Raum: 3EG22

  • Electrochemical characterization of Pt(111) electrodes
  • Study of CO as an adsorbate as a catalyst poison via Electrochemical Infrared Spectroscopy
Christoph Griesser MSc

Chris­toph Gries­ser MSc

+43 512 507 58035

Raum: 3EG04

  • Ambient pressure XPS as novel tool to probe the electrified solid/liquid interface
  • Synthesis and characterization of transition metal carbides as electrocatalysts for the reduction of small molecules.

Matthias Leitner MSc

Matt­hias Leit­ner MSc

+43 512 507 58042

Raum: 3EG04

  • Characterization of the solid-liquid interface on Cu single crystals:
    • Electrochemical Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
    • Electrochemical Infrared Spectroscopy
Thomas Mairegger MSc

Tho­mas Mai­reg­ger MSc

Externe Arbeit Rohrdorfer - Net Zero Emission Labs GmbH

Raum: 3EG22

  • Cement-based CO2 capture and electroreduction at industrial scale
  • Combination of fundamental catalyst research with applied CO2 electrolyzer cells

Mag. Toni Moser

Mag. Toni Moser MSc

+43 512 507 58037

Raum: 3EG22

  • Structural analysis of Cu and Au single crystals at the metal/electrolyte interface

Bri­gitte Kind­ler

+43 512 507 58037


Raum: 3EG03c

  • Sample preparation for electrochemical surface science

  • Scanning electron microscope (Operator)

Dr. Pra­sad Kathe

Raum: 30116c

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