University of Innsbruck

Team Portenkirchner

Victoria Greussing MSc

Vic­to­ria Greus­sing MSc

+43 512 507 58021

Raum: 3EG34

  • Siliconcarbide as Anode Material for Lithium-Ion batteries.
Sebastian Liebl MSc

Sebas­tian Liebl MSc

New member - more information tba

Dipl. Ing. Teja Stüwe

Dipl. Ing. Teja Stüwe

Raum: 3EG34

  • Silicon carbide micro fibre synthesis and characterization
  • Aqueous sodium ion batteries with NaTi2(PO4)3 as anode material
Daniel Werner MSc

Daniel Wer­ner MSc

+43 512 507 58027

Raum: 3EG10

  • Materials synthesis and characterization for energy conversion and storage with application in lithium- and sodium-ion batteries