Lecturer Survey

The aim of the periodic survey of teaching staff is to obtain a general assessment of all teaching staff on a subject area defined by the Vice-Rectorate Teaching & Student Affairs and the Office for Quality Management in Teaching. The feedback received serves as orientation for the future definition of priorities in the Vice-Rectorate Teaching & Student Affairs.





Final report 2023

Selected results of the lecturer survey can be found at here and the entire report is available for download: Final report on the 2023 lecturer survey

In what form does the lecturer survey take place?

The lecturer receives the direct link to the survey by e-mail.

The lecturer clicks on the direct link to the questionnaire. The consultation starts automatically on the end device.

The lecturer gives feedback independent of time and place.
The evaluation takes about 5 minutes. The survey is closed after 14 days.

Thank you
for your feedback!

Factbox 2023

Who will be interviewed? Lecturers at the University of Innsbruck

When is the survey conducted? The lecturer survey consists of a mailing. Survey period June 2023

How is the survey conducted? Online with the help of the Limesurvey survey tool

How long does the survey take? Approximately 5 minutes

In which languages is the survey conducted? German and English

What will be surveyed? The aim of this first initiative is to obtain a comprehensive assessment from the university's teaching staff. The focus is on the three steps "Review - Current - Future", which deal precisely with the topics of distance learning during the Covid pandemic, current satisfaction with courses and expectations for future teaching, including ChatGPT.

How is the aim of the survey made measurable? The derivation of a representative picture of the mood among lecturers is directly dependent on a correspondingly high response rate. Based on the teacher survey during the pandemic, which had a very good response rate and in which around a third of teachers took part, the success of this survey will be measured by a similar response rate.

Anonymity and data protection

All surveys as well as the evaluations and analyses of the Office for Quality Assurance in Teaching are carried out in compliance with the applicable data protection regulations. Further information on data protection can be found here: https://www.uibk.ac.at/datenschutz/

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