Research blog: Governance Across Borders 

The research blog "governance across borders" is operated as an interdisciplinary community blog in the English language and can also be subscribed to via Twitter at  @govxborders .



Momentum Congress 

Connecting and transforming science, politics, and practice - that is the goal of the annual Momentum Congress held in the UNESCO World Heritage site of Hallstatt (Upper Austria). Every autumn, around 250 scientists, politically engaged individuals, students, and people working in various societal sectors gather to discuss social progress based on pre-submitted contributions. For ongoing updates about the congress, follow @Momentum_Kon and the Momentum Facebook page.


Momentum Quaterly

Momentum Quarterly

Momentum Quarterly is a transdisciplinary, scholarly, peer-reviewed journal with the aim of establishing a closer discourse and content linkage between science and politics


Momentum Research Blog

The Momentum Congress and Momentum Quarterly are accompanied by the Momentum Research Blog, which provides ongoing updates about calls for papers, conference announcements, notifications about panels, and other calls for submissions that might be of interest to the research-oriented part of the Momentum community.

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