Organization Studies (OS) ConJunction was established in 2016. Its general aim is to connect current and former students and staff (i.e. professors) of the master program Organization Studies. It seeks to provide a platform for establishing, maintaining and strengthening connections within the OS community in Innsbruck. In addition, OS ConJunction offers the possibility to stay informed about current and interesting issues and news from Organization Studies. The easiest way for this is the OS Conjunction Blog and @osconjunction on Twitter.




The name ConJunction expresses the idea of the platform as well as the spirit of the master program Organization Studies: it is about establishing multiple connections as well as productive cooperations at junctions where different roads and ideas cross and intersect. The platform seeks to establish and strengthen connections between students, graduates as well as professors of the master program Organization Studies. The word conjunction stresses the aspect interlinking and strengthening of relations between students, former students and professors in OS. It also stresses the potential of encounters at various crossings and knots to produce new insights, ideas and perspectives. The accentuation within the word ConJunction refers to the interplay of all these aspects both within the network of the various members of the network (current students and graduates, professors, ...) and within the trans-disciplinary field of Organization Studies. This not only refers to the diverse (academic) backgrounds of OS-students, but also to the interplay of various disciplines and disciplinary perspectives (management science and business administration, sociology, psychology, political science and philosophy,...) which design the unique character of organization studies.



If you are a student or graduate of the masters program of Organization Studies, but not yet a member of our OS alumni network OS ConJunction, we are looking forward to your registration! Please send us an email (from your current in-use mail account), including your surname and first name to:


If you are a former OS student and youve already started your working life, please also share with us your current professional activity and/or affiliation as to gain broader insights on where former OS students are currently working.




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