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Teaching and Studying

Elective -  Management Control

Within the scope of our Bachelor’s Programme "Management and Economics" respectively the Diploma Programme "International Economic and Business Studies" we offer special business administration courses for management control in the form of a basic course and an intermediate course. The objective of those two courses is to introduce the students to the most important concepts and instruments of management control and to prepare them for a potential career entry in this field.

The basic course is offered in English and imparts knowledge about central management control practices and instruments, like e.g. value-based management, cost accounting, planning and budgeting, transfer prices, key indicators etc.

The intermediate course is offered in German and reflects critically on the role of management control in organizations and its interplay with other management functions.

Master in Accounting, Auditing and Taxation

Within the scope of the two-year Master’s Programme “Accounting, Auditing and Taxation” we offer the opportunity for specialization in the field of management control. Besides an obligatory course in the first semester, in which the fundamental questions of management control and management accounting are going to be discussed, we also offer more comprehensive elective courses on the topic of “industry-sector-specific aspects of management control” and “understanding and creating management control in practice”.

In this way students are able to set a directed focus on management control and are able to prepare themselves for their later career entry in this field. Moreover, they are able to write their master thesis in this area.

The classes in management control are characterized by:

  • Practical relevance: Our experience with projects in practice, as well as regular integration of guest lecturers guarantees a practice relevant education. In the academic year 2016/17 representatives of General Electric, the Bank for Tyrol and Vorarlberg, Swarovski, and Spar shared their experience from practice with students.
  • Academic orientation: We use academic literature in our courses to discuss with students the relevant insights from research papers for practice.
  • Demanding and supporting: Our courses are based on the principle of “demanding and supporting”, which means that we offer students support, but also demand commitment and ambition.

Bachelor, Diploma, and Master theses

Students have the possibility to write their Bachelor, Diploma or Master theses under our supervision.

According to the curriculum, Bachelor theses are supervised as part of the specialized seminar “Seminar mit Bachelorarbeit”. We offer such seminars on a regular basis.

With respect to Diploma or Master theses, please directly address a potential supervisor from our team. Decisions on supervision are made on the basis of a research proposal, in which students delineate the research question(s), motivation, relevant literature and methodology.

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