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Our research projects are mainly empirical in nature and are concerned with how management control is practiced in organizations. Current research projects address, for example, dynamic forms of planning and the management of uncertainty, business partnering by management accountants, integration via ERP systems, management control for environmental performance, or the operation of control systems in non-profit organizations.

Research lies at the center of our work. By means of publications in scientific journals and presentations at international conferences we actively contribute to the scientific discourse in the fields of management control, accounting and management.

We also participate in the research center “Accounting Theory and Research” [more]


Here you will find a list of our recent publications. Please contact us in case you are interested in one of our publications [more]


Within the research seminar members of the research center "Accounting Theory and Research" as well as guest researchers from all over the world present and discuss working papers related to the fields of Auditing, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting/Control and Taxation. The topics cover a wide spectrum of current research questions. The seminars take place in regular intervals during the semester. Interested audience is always welcome [more]


We are regularly hosting researchers from other universities or research institutions. Such visits can last from several days to several months.



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