Erasmus+ Staff Training Outgoing

The Erasmus+ Programme creates the possibility for administrative staff to spend a training period in a European higher education institution awarded an ECHE, a non-European Erasmus+ partner university or an organisation active in the labour market or in the fields of education, training and youth. 



A stay abroad should contribute to further education, provide an insight into different ways of working and learning about best practice examples, promote the internationalisation of general staff and serve to build and deepen professional networks. 

Application deadline

An application is possible at any time. Please note that the Mobility Agreement must be received by the IRO at least 2 months before the start of the stay.


Erasmus+ Staff Training is part of the  Certificate Internationalisation

Further information

  1. Discuss the project with your supervisor. A prerequisite for participation is the willingness of the organisational unit to accept incoming staff for job shadowing if necessary. We welcome about 15 international colleagues every year, who may also be interested in your work, depending on their own area of responsibility.
  2. Inform the IRO and Human Resources Development informally about the planned project. You will receive feedback on whether funding is still available (We cannot guarantee whether your stay can be funded, as the content of your Mobility Agreement is decisive for funding).
  3. Apply for a Staff Training Week or get in touch with a university department that suits you.
  4. Fill in the  Mobility Agreement together with the host institution and have it signed there.
  5. Send the completed Mobility Agreement and the   approval of your supervisor(s) to 2 months before the start date. If this is not possible because the deadlines of the Staff Training Week do not allow it, please inform us at the latest at this time.
  6. You will receive an agreement, please send the original together with a copy of the approved business travel form to the IRO at least 4 weeks before the beginning of your stay abroad ( Notes for filling in the business travel form).
  7. During your stay, make sure you keep all your original receipts and have a confirmation of stay signed on the last day (this will be sent to you before the start of your stay abroad).
  8. On the last day of your stay, you will receive an e-mail asking you to complete the Participant Report. No reimbursement can be made without a completed report.
  9. Bring to account your stay  Notes.
  10. Send a brief report to Human Resources Development and to us and let your colleagues know of your stay and experiences.

The prerequisite for participation is a current employment relationship with the University of Innsbruck. A stay during a leave of absence is not possible. Teaching staff have the possibility of a teaching stay .

Priority will be given to those participants who have never benefited from Erasmus+ funding before. There are 10+ places available under the current call.

special grants are available for participants with special needs.


The stay in partner companies and organisations can look different:

  • Participation in a suitable Staff Training Week at a European university. Various universities offer training opportunities on different topics at regular intervals. (Examples)
  • Job shadowing, short periods of collaboration, workshops at a European university or other institution
  • Job shadowing at one of our partner universities Israel.
  • Job-Shadowing at one of our Aurora partnerunis – the Aurora Office ( can help you with getting in touch.
  • Participation in conferences and language courses cannot be funded.

When choosing the hosting organisation and selecting the planned programme, attention should be paid to the quality of the offer and to the possibility of professional exchange. The training quality of the intended stay is decisive for admission to the programme. Special focus should be placed on your individual professional development as well as on the professional aspects that are particularly important in your OU.
Currently, the following commercial providers of Staff Training Weeks are excluded from funding by the University of Innsbruck: European Academy of Innovation, Tenerife Job Training, Atlantic Language Galway.

How long?

A stay must last at least 2 days and no more than 5 days. One additional day each for arrival and departure are also funded. Under the current call, stays are possible until 30 June 2024. It is of course possible to already plan a stay for the time after that. However, please note that the specifications may change slightly after that.

Language skills

Please note that the working language during Staff Training Weeks is usually English. Stays in German-speaking countries are possible, but do not have priority. Information on English courses for staff members can be found in the continuing education programme of the University of Innsbruck. Proof of a language course just completed is clearly seen as a plus.

Ambassadors of the University of Innsbruck

Please do not forget that you will be representing the University of Innsbruck during your Erasmus+ staff training abroad. Therefore, inform yourself in advance about the most important key data (figures, data, facts) of the university, take business cards and, if necessary, flyers, brochures or other information material from your institute or OE. Your contacts at the host university will also appreciate a small gift (e.g. Mozartkugel, Mannerschnitten, "Schindeln" from Konditorei Munding etc. or you can use the university shop). Before you leave, ask the IRO or the Aurora Office about existing co-operations with the host university.

Costs for travel (e.g. 2nd class train or economy flight, public transport, but no kilometre allowance) and stay (max. EUR 110 per night) are covered by the Erasmus+ Programme up to a possible total of EUR 1,050.

It is obligatory to adhere to the guidelines for climate-friendly travel  Articles on the university intranet.

The surcharge for air travel is automatically added, this amount counts towards your travel expenses, total cannot exceed EUR 1,050.

Only travel costs from/to the place of employment (Innsbruck) can be refunded.
Costs for meals cannot be covered.

Daily rates and the costs for the Staff Training Week (there are not always fees, but most organisers charge a participation fee) must be borne by the respective organisational unit.


Larissa Jenewein, MA MSc   +43 512 507-32410 (Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m., Tuesday + Wednesday 1:30 p.m.- 3:00 p.m.)

Mag. Isabella Göschl +43 512 507-20440



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