Subsidies for Foreign Scientists and Teaching Staff

In the context of partnerships, scientific cooperation, teaching and research activities, a subsidy for accommodation costs in Innsbruck can be applied for by foreign scientists and lecturers.


The call for applications is addressed to persons with an employment relationship at the University of Innsbruck who would like to invite lecturers from a foreign university or research institution to Innsbruck.

The International Relations Office promotes visits of teaching staff from a foreign university or research institution for the purpose of:

Initiation, conclusion and maintenance of partnerships and scientific cooperation on behalf of the Rector
Guest lectures, teaching or research, the duration of which exceeds a settlement via daily allowance, but does not yet justify an employment relationship
Travel in connection with planned publications
Workshops in which new working techniques are brought to the University of Innsbruck, which can be passed on to colleagues.

  • Applications can only be submitted for accommodation costs (no travel costs, daily allowances, meals, taxi fares, printing costs, translation fees, costs for visas, vaccinations, vignettes, tolls, telephone, etc.). The expenses can be compensated up to the maximum approved total amount.
  • The application must be submitted before the guest's arrival. The application can be submitted up to a maximum of 6 months and at the latest 4 weeks before the planned start of the project. Applications submitted too late cannot be considered!
  • In the case of partial funding from other bodies, the financial support of the International Relations Office is reduced to the corresponding extent. Funding commitments from other bodies must be notified to the International Relations Office without delay. In the event of overfunding, the corresponding share must be reimbursed to the International Relations Office.
  • If several foreign academics are invited to the same event, a maximum amount of EUR 2,000 can be applied for. For such events, a financing plan must also be submitted.
  • Emeritus or retired university members and study assistants cannot submit applications for foreign teachers and scientists.

Lump-sum applications for events with foreign academics are submitted to the Vice Rectorate for Research. Partial financing of accommodation costs is possible on the part of the International Relations Office. For the application of accommodation costs, a financing plan with a list must be enclosed (content: number of overnight stays, detailed description of the respective person with reference to the foreign institution).

The application must be submitted BEFORE the guest's arrival. The application can be submitted up to a maximum of 6 months and at the latest 4 weeks before the planned start of the project. After submission, the processing time is approx. 4 weeks. This processing time should be taken into account when submitting the application.

Only complete applications that have been uploaded to the project database under project type "Staff Mobility" and workflow status "Project applied for" will be processed. It is not necessary to send the originals by internal post! The following documents must be uploaded:

Once uploaded to the project database, the submission is considered completed and the four-week processing period begins. Uploading the documents to the project database is equivalent to obtaining the approval of the institute management; obtaining this approval in advance is the responsibility of the person submitting the application. The institute’s project data officer can help you entering the data.

The International Relations Office strives to support as many applicants and projects as possible. Therefore, multiple applications from individual applicants, institutes or projects can only be considered if there are not enough other applications worthy of funding. There is no legal entitlement to financial support, which is why no further reasons are given for rejected applications. The Rector has the sole authority to decide on the submitted applications.

For awarded grants, a detailed statement of account must be sent within 6 weeks of the completion of the funded activity to the International Relations Office ( Philip Gutschi und Nina Pascone):

  • invoice for accommodation costs incl. corresponding proof of payment for the accommodation (e.g. credit card statement, invoice receipt, REB-ID etc.)
  • possibly the filled in  refund request of the financial department (only required in case of cash or private  expenses)

Payment shall only be made as a total settlement to one (not several) beneficiary(ies) to an institute account or, in the case of expenses by staff members of the University of Innsbruck, to their Austrian or EU bank account.

In the case of events that are postponed for scheduling reasons or for other reasons, the funding commitment is forfeited unless the International Relations Office is notified of the changes in a timely manner.

If the account is not settled within 6 weeks after the reported end of the project, the funding commitment expires, unless the responsible person is informed within this period!

For further questions regarding the application or processing, please contact Philip Gutschi or Nina Pascone.



Accommodation cost:

  • The amount of the accommodation costs to be reimbursed shall be a maximum of EUR 100 per person per night (up to a total duration of 10 nights).
    • If possible, single nights should be settled via the daily allowance of the respective inviting institute.
  • If several guests are invited to the same event, the maximum amount that can be funded is EUR 2,000.

Application process

The documents (in accordance with the above guidelines) can be submitted continuously via the project database. The application can be submitted up to a maximum of 6 months and at the latest 4 weeks before the planned start of the project.

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