PJ Entwerfen 1 Bota---Up Parasites

Bachelor's Programme Architecture According to the curriculum 2019 

Held by : assoz. Prof. Mag. Dr. Andreas Holzinger from botany department, MSc. Hasan Hadi Abdulameer

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Learning Outcome:

Bota---up parasites

We will cope with design tasks for creating parasitic high-rise buildings, formulate architectural programs, and translate biological concepts into designs for climbing skyscrapers. In this course we will provide students comprehensive understanding of biomimetic principles to create structures that connect with mountainous landscapes. Together we will integrate botanical metaphors inspired by climbing plants into our designs, showcasing the artifacts of versatile climbing skyscrapers.


Teaching of the different phases of a design process by means of the guided handling of architectural tasks, training of personal creative skills; teaching of design as a complex decision-making process and integration of design-relevant influencing factors.


Course examination according to § 6, statute section on "study-law regulations".


Will be discussed in the first lesson.


Registration is via a preference system, no separate registration is required for the associated subject SE Architectural Visualization, this registration is automatic.



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