FAIR Info-Point

Faculty Service for Research Data Management

The FAIR Info-Point at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of the University of Innsbruck serves as a contact point for researchers of the faculty to support them in their research data management and the potential archiving of their research data with AUSSDA, the Austrian Social Science Data Archive. The FAIR Info-Point is thus the contact point for everything concerning research data management as well as the faculty's interface to AUSSDA.

Specifically, the FAIR Info-Point provides consulting services on issues related to efficient research data management, the creation of data management plans (DMPs), as well as assistance with all steps of the archiving and publication process of datasets with AUSSDA.

The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences plans to establish a "common culture of data stewardship".



Contact person at the Faculty
Student Assistant Maria Schreiner
Office Hotel Grauer Bär, Universitätsstraße 5-7, 1st floor
Room 1S09
Appointments via E-Mail

Which services offers the FAIR Info-Point?

This structure provides a basic insight into the Research Life Cycle (RLC). Fields with a blue background cover the consulting and support services of the FAIR Info-Point as well as areas in which the FAIR Info-Point can refer the researcher to another supporting body. Fields highlighted in orange indicate further steps of the RLC, which are the sole responsibility of the researchers.


FAIR Info-Point services begin with guidance on initial planning and design steps at the start of the research process. This includes, among other things, support in the creation of data management plans (DMPs), basic information on rights of use, and the collection of metadata.


In the area of data collection, the FAIR Info-Point provides support with questions regarding the handling of different types of data and the appropriate data formats, the documentation of the mode of procedure and questions regarding the handling of digital data (keywords: storage, file naming, version control).


During the data processing and preparation process, the FAIR Info-Point assists with questions regarding its documentation, as well as data cleaning, transformation and anonymization/pseudonymization of the research data. These steps serve to improve data quality and to facilitate later archiving in a repository (e.g. AUSSDA).


If you decide to archive and publish your data with AUSSDA, the FAIR Info-Point works closely with AUSSDA and is your first point of contact. Here, too, FAIR Info-Point provides advice on issues relating to the publication process (keywords: long-term data formats, data protection and copyright, rights of use/license types, metadata) and is intensively involved in this process in collaboration with AUSSA.


AUSSDA - The Austrian Social Science Data Archive


AUSSDA is a data infrastructure for the social science community in Austria and offers a variety of research support services, primarily data archiving and help with data re-use. AUSSDA makes social science data accessible, creating opportunities for research and data reuse, benefitting science and society.



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