DC Semi­nar 'Metho­den und Theo­rien der Glo­ba­li­sie­rungs-/Lo­ka­li­sie­rungs-For­schung sowie der kul­tu­rel­len Kon­takte'

From Monday 6th until Wednesday 8th of February 2023, the DC Seminar 'Meth­o­den und The­o­rien der Glob­al­isierungs-/Lokalisierungs-Forschung sowie der kul­turellen Kon­tak­te' took place. Members of the doctoral college presented older researchers whose ideas, theories and methodology are important for their respective dissertation projects. They were analysed sociologically and their work was contextualized in respect to the research history of the particular field and research topic. The use of these old research contributions was problematized to find out how one has to properly approach them. Upon short kick-off speeches of around 20 minutes on the biography of each person, a discussion followed in which the doctoral college, the faculty and other attendees participated.

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