Doctoral College Entangled Antiquities

Entangled Antiquities - Global Dynamics and Local Forces (1500 BC – 1500 AD)

The Doctoral College „Entangled Antiquities“ deals with the interdependency of ancient living spaces of the Afro-Eurasian world between 1500 BC and 1500 AD. Its focus reaches from Spain to China. The matter of research is the megaspatial connectivity of protoglobal empires and political entities on a local level. Reciprocal effects of these phenomena, how they interplay with one another and how local entities acquire, transform and cope with cosmopolitical goods and achievements in the context of transregional globalisation processes are of special interest. By means of transdisciplinary approaches and methods the attempt is made to connect such disciplines as philology, archaeology, and history which are traditionally isolated from one another in order to challenge Eurocentric perspectives of separated cultural areas and to assess within a new global historic setting.

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