Gaëlle Shrot, BA MA

About the Person

Gaelle Shrot

Since 12/2020 Part of the Innsbruck Doctoral College “Dynamics of Inequality and Difference in the Age of Globalization”

Since 03/2020 │ Doctoral Candidate, Philosophische-Historische Fakultät, Universität Innsbruck. Thesis: “Alterity and Difference in ethnographic and regional museums in Europe”. Advisor: Dirk Rupnow

Since 2020 Research Assistant and Cultural Mediator, Stadtmuseum Lindau, Germany. Projects on the analysis of an ethnographic collection in the Gymnasium, research on the History of Migration

Since 2019 Research on the Archive Kundeyt Şurdum – Archive and Exhibition Project

Since 2017 │ Museum Educator, Vorarlberg Museum, Bregenz, Austria and Kunsthaus Bregenz, Bregenz, Austria

2011-2012 Scientific Collaborator (Doctoral Candidate), Centre for Modern Indian Studies, Georg-August-Universität in Göttingen, Germany. Project Title: „Representation of Adivasis in Museums in Jharkhand, India“. Advisor: Rupa Vishwanath

2010 MA Museology, Université de Paris IV-Sorbonne, France; Master thesis: „The Soviet Material Culture in Museums“ (in French)

2004-2008 Study of English Literature and History (BA) at the Université de Rennes 2, Heritage Studies (BA) at the Université de Reims Champagne-Ardennes

PhD project

Alterity and Difference in regional and ethnographic Museums in German-speaking Europe

Ethnographic and Regional Museums both provide platforms to address difference, outside or within the boundaries of nation-states. As ethnographic museums struggle with the legacy of their colonialist knowledge production and regional museums with the representation of migration, the current debates around the place of migration, racism, decolonisation and restitution point to epistemic questions as to how and where knowledge is produced – who produces it, about whom. This project aims at looking how alterity or difference is addressed, debated or produced in various museums in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. It also interrogates the production of knowledge and the assumption of ignorance, while looking at activism in a Museum context.

Project Description

Research interests

  • Migration
  • Museums
  • Colonialism, Post-colonialism and de-colonialism
  • Knowledge Production


Since 2020 │ Association of Museum Educators Kulturvermittlung Vierländerregion Bodensee – Vice-President 

2020 │ Certification as a French teacher (DAEFLE)


Innsbruck Doctoral College "Dynamics of Inequality and Difference in the Age of Globalization"
Research Focus "Cultural Encounters - Cultural Conflicts"
Mail: gaelle.shrot[at]

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