Hendrik Richter

About the Person

since 2019 | University assistant (pre-doc), Department of Teacher Education and School Research, University of Innsbruck

2017 – 2019 | Self-employment in event service (Dresden, Germany)

2016 – 2018 | Social pedagogical family support, Kindervereinigung Dresden e.V. (Germany)

2015 – 2016 | Education and social integration support, Lebenshilfe Dresden e.V. (Germany)

2009 – 2015 | Study of Teacher Education (Secondary School Teacher, mathematics and political education), University of Jena (Germany)

PhD project

Doing (Dis-)Integration. An ethnographic study of the production of social communities in everyday school life 

The dissertation takes the increased risk of exclusion of students with special educational needs in urban middle schools as a starting point and examines practices of social integration of all students in everyday school life. The aim is to draw conclusions about the social integration of students with special educational needs and, more fundamentally, about processes of inclusion and exclusion in class communities. The (social) (dis-) integration of a child is produced by social practices in the (inclusive) school room, both by others and by the respective child itself. Integration in this context means the creation of an integrated subject in a very specific space of possibility that establishes certain behaviors as conceivable or impossible. The focus of the work is therefore on the social practices of the students.

The work is to describe the everyday school life from the perspective of the children with and without special educational needs and to provide information about the social dimension of the school life of students with disabilities or special educational needs. Furthermore, through this perspective, forms of invisible and therefore not articulable social behaviors and their direct consequences on the social practices of the child should become visible. The work will take an analytical look at the behavior of children with (and without) special educational needs and their coping strategies in dealing with an exclusionary social space permeated by power.

Project Description

Research interests

  • social inequality, poverty and social class
  • inclusion and exclusion
  • discrimination, domination and resistant practices
  • intersectional Analysis

Conference presentations

  • Lecture Series "Another world is possible". Interdisziplinäre Perspektiven auf Formen des Protests und soziale Bewegungen (mit Stephanie Schmidt, Europäische Ethnologie), University of Innsbruck, WT 2020/21
  • Hilfssubjekte – Helfen als individuelle Erfahrung und soziale Praxis zwischen Deautonomisierung und Empowerment (withThomas Hoffmann und Cathrin Reisenauer, ILS) | 34th Conference of Researchers in Inclusion, University of Vienna/University College of Teacher Education Vienna, 25./28.2.2020
  • Doing (Dis-) Integration. An ethnographic study of the social integration of children with disabilities in inclusive schools | International Perspectives in Teacher Education, International Conference, University of Lower Silesia in Wroclaw (Poland), 13./15.5.2019


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