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16.01.2023: Early Stage Funding for Katharina Mojescik

We congratulate Katharina Mojescik on the funding of her project "Employment Trajectories of Digital Nomads: The Interplay of Digitalized Employment and Mobility" by the Early Stage Funding of the University of Innsbruck. During the project period from 01/2023 to 12/2023, Katharina Mojescik will research how mobility is embedded in the employment trajectories of digital nomads and how the digitized daily work routine is aligned with expectations of mobility. Early Stage Funding is competitive research funding for early-career scientists. We are looking forward to the findings and accompanying publications.

For further information on the program (German only) please visit here



12.12.2022: New publication "Doing Research"

Transcript Verlag released the anthology "Doing Research - Wissenschaftspraktiken zwischen Positionierung und Suchanfrage", edited by Sandra Hofhues and Konstanze Schütze. In this book, Katharina Mojescik, in collaboration with Angela Tillmann (TH Köln), has contributed an article on "Forschungsorganisation an Hochschulen für angewandte Wissenschaften“ ( = Research Organization at Universities of Applied Sciences). The articles are available online in Open Access.

For further information (in German) please go here

Hofhues, S., & Schütze, K. (2022). Doing Research-Wissenschaftspraktiken zwischen Positionierung und Suchanfrage. Transcript Verlag (ISBN: 978-3-8376-5632-9). 


Doing Research



25.11.2022: New publication “Lexikon der Arbeits- und Industriesoziologie“

The third edition of the "Lexikon der Arbeits- und Industriesoziologie" will be published by Nomos Verlag in December 2022. Among the nearly 100 articles is also a contribution by Jessica Pflüger on the subject “Fallstudie” (= case study). The encyclopedia provides a comprehensive overview of current knowledge in the field of labour and industrial sociology, including much-discussed recent topics within the discipline.

For further information (in German) please go here.

Bohn, Hirsch-Kreinsen, Pfeiffer & Will-Zocholl. (2022). Lexikon der Arbeits- und Industriesoziologie (3. Aufl.). Nomos Verlag (ISBN 978-3-8487-8679-4).


Arbeits und Industriesoziologie


25.11.2022: Announcement: Inaugural lecture by Prof. Jessica Pflüger on 6 December 2022, 5 pm

We are pleased to invite to the inaugural lecture of Prof. Jessica Pflüger, entitled "Konturen einer zeitgenössischen Mesosoziologie " on 6 December 2022. The lecture starts at 5 pm in the Kaiser-Leopold-Saal (address; Karl-Rahner-Platz 3, 2nd floor). 

In her lecture, Jessica Pflüger will outline the contours of contemporary meso-sociology by tracing starting points and approaches in order to better understand middle-range phenomena. 

For further information (in German) go to: 



20.10.2022: Looking back at the 2nd Platform Conference

The “Haus der Selbstständigen” in Leipzig hosted the 2nd Platform Conference "Digitalisierung selbstständiger Arbeit" (Digitalisation of Self-Employed Work) in cooperation with the working group "Die Arbeit der Selbstständigen" (The Work of the Self-Employed) on 13/14 October 2022. As a spokesperson of the working group, Katharina Mojescik was part of the organisation team. Further, she also held a presentation with the title "Digital Nomads. Characteristics, employment concepts and networking strategies of the pioneers of location-independent (platform) work". She discussed the relevance of platforms and the heterogeneous employment concepts of location-independent workers who consider themselves digital nomads.

A detailed report (in German) on the conference can be found here.



03.08.2022: Announcement: Presentation at the DGS Congress, Tuesday, 12- 5 pm 

The Congress of the German Sociological Association will be held in Bielefeld from 26.09. to 30.09.2022. On 27.09.2022 the session of the section "Qualitative Methods" will take place with the focus on "Protection for or against social research? Scientific ethics in discussion". There, Carla Scheytt and Jessica Pflüger will give the presentation "Research ethics, the field and the context. How organisationally influences research ethics challenges". In their presentation, they discuss specific research ethics challenges that arise when conducting research in and with organisations. Those interested are kindly invited to attend!

Further information on the DGS Congress can be found here.


01.07.2022: New student assistant

We are pleased to welcome Marie Plumpe as a new student assistant in our team. She will support us in research activities and administration in the future. We look forward to working together.



24.05.2022: New publication: "Selbstständigkeit in der Gastronomie"

Katharina Mojescik has published her doctoral thesis „Selbstständigkeit in der Gastronomie. Eine arbeitssoziologische Untersuchung unternehmerischen Handelns am Beispiel von Food Trucker*innen“ (= Self-employment in gastronomy. A sociological study of entrepreneurial activity using the example of food truckers). By focusing on entrepreneurs, their interactions and motives in the analysis, self-employment in (mobile) gastronomy is examined in depth. In order to explore and explain the entrepreneurial activities of food truckers, Katharina Mojescik elaborates the intersection of the sociology of work, food and culture. Through Grounded Theory approach, the study identifies central embedding dimensions of self-employment in gastronomy, as well as relevant stages of entrepreneurial activity and differing strategies of entrepreneurial action in this context. The book is published by Springer Verlag and can be found here.

Selbstständigkeit in der Gastronomie


16.05.2022: DOC-Scholarship from the Austrian Academy of Sciences for Carla Scheytt

Congratulations to our doctoral student Carla Scheytt on successfully acquiring a DOC scholarship from the Austrian Academy of Sciences!

The competitive funding program supports highly qualified doctoral students from all areas of research. Over the next three years, Carla will conduct empirical research at the interface of sociology of science, organizational sociology and methods of social research on the topic of "research ethics in sociology". We look forward to it and are excited to see the results!

Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften


14.04.2022: New preprint on research ethics in organizations published

Anyone who conducts research in companies knows that everyone knows each other. What does this mean for questions of anonymization, data protection, confidentiality? Carla Scheytt (RUB) and Jessica Pfluger (UIBK) recently published a paper as a preprint on SocArXiv.

For more:

Scheytt, Carla, and Pfluger, Jessica. 2022. Research Ethics in Organizations. An overview of challenges and practical approaches. SocArXiv. doi:10.31235/ Download here.



29.03.2022: We are looking for student employees

If you are interested in work, organizational and/or economic sociology, we look forward to receiving your application! (until 18.04.2022)