About Innsbruck

Innsbruck is a beautiful city with approximately 130.000 inhabitants. It is situated in the middle of the Alps, in Tyrol (Austria). The main attraction and feature of Innsbruck is the magnificent alpine nature in unique proximity to the urban city centre. But Innsbruck has more to offer, for example the spectacular oldtown or the amazing cuisine.

How to get there

Innsbruck is well connected. It has an international airport with direct flights from Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Frankfurt, London, Vienna and others. If you want to travel environmentally friendly, there are convenient train connections from all over Europe. You can reach Innsbruck within two hours from Munich (Germany). There are also direct nighttrain connections from Amsterdam, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Zurich, Vienna, Budapest, Zagreb and some more. For more information about the nighttrains visit ÖBB - Nightjets .

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