About the Conference

The UDM conference series started back in 1986 in Dubrovnik, Croatio (but at that time still Yugoslavia). The second edition of UDM was organized in 1991 also in Dubrovnik. After the first two editions in Dubrovnik, the conference has travelled across the globe to the River Volga (1994), London (1998), Orlando (2001), Dresden (2004), Melbourne (2006), Tokyo (2009), Belgrade (2012), Québec (2015), Palermo (2018), Costa Mesa (2022) and arrived in Innsbruck (Austria) in 2025. UDM 2025 is co-organized by University Innsbruck and the International Working Group on Data and Models, a working group of the IWA / IAHR Joint Committee on Urban Drainage (JCUD)

Join us at the UDM Conference, where we dive into the forefront of urban drainage system modelling. From traditional topics like water quality and quantity to emerging challenges such as climate change resilience, green infrastructure integration, and smart city technologies, we explore the dynamic interplay among the water cycle, environment, and society.

Our conference isn't just about presentations—it's a dynamic forum for scientists, professionals, and academics to engage in lively discussions and exchange decisive ideas. Don't miss this opportunity to connect, learn, and shape the future of urban drainage modelling. Join us and be part of the conversation.

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