Additional benefits

for employees of the University of Innsbruck

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At the University of Innsbruck, the environment and the well-being of our employees are important to us. That is why we offer additional benefits that promote a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Be it through a subsidy for the public transport ticket, special conditions for the Innsbruck city bike or the possibility of an interest-free salary advance for the purchase of an (e)bike.

The University of Innsbruck supports the use of public transport for its employees with a subsidy of € 365,- per annual ticket.

Employees who want to buy a bicycle can receive a salary advance in the form of an interest-free loan of up to € 7,300.

Thanks to a contract with the IVB, employees of the University of Innsbruck can use the Bike rental system Stadtrad Innsbruck at a special rate, whereby the annual fee is waived. With the advantage tariff, borrowing a city bike is free of charge for the first 30 minutes of each journey, after which usage fees apply depending on the duration of the journey.

Staff members can find more information about the Stadtrad in the Uniwiki.

Family friendliness

The University of Innsbruck places great value on enabling its employees to reconcile work and family life. Therefore, we offer flexible working models that can be individually adapted to the needs of our employees. In addition to this flexibility, we have created a wide range of offers, ranging from special childcare services to maternity leave and sabbaticals.

Financial subsidy for childcare

For children under 3 years of age, fee-based childcare is subsidised with € 100 or € 200 (AE/AV) per month.

Flexible childcare

In the SpielRäume of the University of Innsbruck, children between the ages of six months and ten years are looked after by pedagogically trained staff on an hourly basis. During the academic year, this childcare facility is a flexible additional offer to conventional facilities such as crèche, kindergarten or school.

For more information, please contact the Family Service of the University of Innsbruck

Holiday care for children

For many working parents, it is a great organisational effort to organise childcare for their children during the school and kindergarten holidays.

Therefore, the Family Service team at the University of Innsbruck organises holiday programmes (in the semester and summer holidays) for children aged three to ten years, which include great excursions, lots of exciting games and creative handicrafts as part of theme-oriented weeks.

For more information, please contact the Family Service of the University of Innsbruck

Flexible working hours

In consideration of private interests and obligations, the University of Innsbruck offers flexible working time models. Depending on whether you work in the general or scientific staff, you have the possibility of flexitime or free time management.

Home office

Staff members of the general staff have the possibility to work at home up to 40 per cent of the total number of hours after consultation with their manager.

Staff members can find more information on the home office in the Uniwiki


The reasons for a sabbatical can be different: one aspect is professional development. But there are also personal reasons such as a trip around the world, building a house or caring for relatives. Often one simply needs time for one's own recuperation after a stressful phase.

In simple terms, the sabbatical is a special form of working time reduction. The extent of employment and the remuneration are reduced over a certain period of time (= framework period), but in the savings phase the employee continues to work full time in order to use the time credit for a longer leave of absence (min. 3 and max. 12 months).

Staff members can find more information on the sabbatical at Uniwiki

Care of close relatives

Reconciling work and family life is a major challenge, especially when relatives are ill. In addition to the entitlements to care leave, there is also the possibility of taking care leave and part-time care leave or family hospice. Furthermore, additional special leave days are granted in certain care cases.

Staff members can find more information on caring for close relatives in the Uniwiki

Well provided for at the workplace

From culinary benefits to sports activities and comprehensive health measures - the University of Innsbruck ensures that its employees are well looked after and feel valued and supported in their working environment. With a wide range of additional benefits, we promote both physical and mental health.

Employees of the University of Innsbruck receive € 4 per working day for a warm meal in a restaurant. In addition, the individual organisational units are be free to provide fruit and/or drinks for their employees.

Under the slogan uni innsbruck|well on it!, the University of Innsbruck pursues a holistic university health management with the aim of strengthening health resources and reducing stress. The aim is to sustainably promote and maintain the health and well-being of all employees with various offers, to create a health-promoting organisational culture and to motivate employees to adopt health-conscious behaviour.

With approx. 1,000 sports courses per year, University Sports Institute Innsbruck (USI) offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor sports. In addition, there is also a holiday and competition programme.

As a rule, employees of the University of Innsbruck receive a 25% discount for semester courses (exceptions in some areas, e.g. climbing and strength and fitness courses). The respective rates are listed for each individual course on the USI homepage.

Training and further education

As an educational institution, the University of Innsbruck attaches great importance to the further development of its staff. We promote the professional advancement and personal development of our staff with a variety of programmes and support measures. Our commitment in this area forms the foundation for the joint success of our university.

Human resources developmentUniversity continuing educationLanguage Centre

Monetary benefits

Additional incentives are an important part of our appreciation towards the employees of the University of Innsbruck. Therefore, we offer a variety of monetary benefits.

Whether it is contributions to the company pension fund, the possibility of salary advances, discounted rental flats or special rates at the University Centre Obergurgl - we are committed to ensuring that our employees enjoy additional benefits that reward their commitment to the workplace.

Together we are Uni!

At the University of Innsbruck, we value community. Several times a year, we offer our staff the opportunity to exchange ideas at events such as the staff party, the Tyrolean company run or the traditional New Year's reception.

These events promote a sense of community. They also include the Christmas market in Advent, Christmas parties and individual departmental activities. Together we are Uni!

The following innovations in the additional benefits will be implemented within the framework of a pilot phase until the end of 2024 and evaluated in autumn 2024: An increased subsidy for the public transport ticket, an interest-free loan for the purchase of an (e-)bike, a subsidy for childcare and, from March 2024, a daily meal subsidy.

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