University of Innsbruck

Potential common research topics

In order to achieve the general goal of the IWCR to promote Innsbruck as one of the leading centers for atmospheric and climate research in mountain regions, we propose to identify research topics for joint collaborations that are scientifically, socially and economically relevant and have the potential to add value by combining the expertise of the two IWCR partner institutions. If possible, these topics should be linked to the main objectives of the TEAMx programme and experiment. Initially, two such potential topics have been identified by the IWCR managment team (see below) and more are expected after the feedback from IWCR members in the near future:



Cooperation on such topics can cover a wide spectrum, e.g., the organization of joint workshops, joint field experiments, in particular as part of the TEAMx Observational Campaign (TOC), or the joint supervision of Bachelor, Master and PhD theses. IWCR seed capital will help kickstart such activities, especially when affiliated with TEAMx. In case you have another potential common research topic in mind that could be of interest for both institutions, please get in touch with the members of the management team.