Universität Innsbruck

SINT Daniela Mag. Dr.

Daniela Sint

University of Innsbruck
Department of Zoology

Research Group: Applied Animal Ecology

Technikerstrasse 25 (Room 508)
A-6020 Innsbruck



Daniela obtained her doctoral degree (Zoology and Limnology) in 2006 from the University of Innsbruck. Since then she has been working on the analysis of all types of DNA traces in the environment to answer a broad spectrum of ecological questions. By analyzing dietary samples, Daniela gains insight into trophic interactions of animals and related ecological processes such as pest control or the development and dynamics of food-webs. She developed numerous diagnostic assays to identify a wide range of species from invertebrates to vertebrates and pathogens, based on non-invasive samples or left-overs. She applies those systems to many different types of ecosystems including e.g. the high mountains, agroecosystems and aquatic habitats. A major research focus of Daniela is currently the investigation of species communities and the monitoring of invasive or endangered species based on environmental DNA (eDNA).

Since many years, Daniela is involved in teaching in the MATI and MOTI university courses, where scientists from all over the world get a hands on start into the world of molecular food web ecology.

Daniela is furthermore a co-founder of the Sinsoma GmbH, a spin-off company of the University of Innsbruck, where she is responsible for R&D. Sinsoma offers a wide range of DNA services in the fields of biomonitoring, conservation and nature management, providing scientific and technological excellence to scientific, governmental and business sectors alike.


Active projects
Previous projects

APPEAL: Assessment and valuation of Pest suppression potential through biological control in European Agricultural Landscapes
Mattias Jonsson (coordinator & PI), Josef Settele (PI) and Michael Traugott (PI)

Sustainable potato pest management in the Hindukush-Himalaya region
Johannes Oehm, Bettina Thalinger and Michael Traugott (PI)

Invertebrate food webs in recently deglaciated alpine areas
Daniela Sint, Lorna Raso, Rüdiger Kaufmann (co-PI) and Michael Traugott (PI)

Aphid parasitoids in organic and conventional farming systems (A cooperation with Dr. Jane Memmott & Dr. Sarina Pearce, School of Biological Sciences, Bristol University)

Who is eating whom in the glacier fore field?

Assessing arthropod predation on parasitized hosts by molecular approaches

EU-Network CRAYNET - European crayfish as keystone species - linking science, management and economics with sustainable environmental quality (EU; 2002-2006)

Interreg III „CRAYFISH-GENEFLOW: Genotypical and phenotypical characterisation of autochthonous crayfish populations in North and South Tyrol; (EU + Land Tirol, Provinz Bozen; 2003 – 2005)



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