BELLIARD Philippe, MSc

Philippe B

University of Innsbruck
Department of Zoology

Research Group: Applied Animal Ecology

T +31 (0)681972695

As an agroecologist, I study how agrobiodiversity and farming practices can be improved to make food production more sustainable. I broadly specialized in various facets of ecological pest and disease management during my masters in organic agriculture and plant sciences at Wageningen University, such as promoting soil health and implementing biological control strategies. In my current PhD project, we investigate the impact of tillage on the functional biodiversity of ground-dwelling arthropod predators that contribute to aphid biocontrol in cereal fields, with a particular focus on carabid beetles. We also explore the trophic interactions within carabid communities via molecular gut content analysis to reveal key food relationships between agroecosystem invertebrates and their implications for natural pest suppression.

My publications

Belliard, P.R. (2024) Key Challenges and Solutions for Sustainable Pest Management in Organic Farming. In L. P. Awasthi (Ed.), Recent Advances in Organic Farming. Nova Science. In prep.

My projects

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