Study Programmes

The Department of Atmospheric and Cryospheric Sciences offers a full degree programme in Atmospheric Sciences, from Bachelor to Master and PhD. Our teaching covers all the core subjects of the dynamics, physics, chemistry of the atmosphere-cryosphere-climate system and includes prerequisites from mathematics, statistics, physics and earth sciences. We live in the mountains and a focus of our research is on processes and phenomena related to mountains and snow and ice. This also shows in our teaching.

StudyingBSc in Atmospheric Sciences 

You are fascinated by the Earth System, the Atmosphere and the complex interactions of climate processes and Climate Change? [more]

StudyingMSc in Atmospheric Sciences 

The Master's Degree is the intermediate academic degree – for students, who want to acquire more in-depth skills and knowledge after the Bachelor's degree. Over the course of two years ... [more]

StudyingMSc in Environmental Meteorology

This program at the interface between meteorology and the environment is jointly offered by the University of Trento and the University of Innsbruck in English. The University of ... [more]

StudyingPhD in Atmospheric Sciences

The top academic degree – for students who are exceptionally independent, creative and persevering in their work and research. [more]

Semester abroad with ERASMUS+

General information is available at the International Relations Office website. The Department of Atmospheric and Cryospheric Sciences has exchange agreements with the Universities of Bergen (Norway), Berlin, Madrid, Zagreb, Wageningen. Initially you have to be nominated by the ERASMUS departmental coordinator Prof. Georg Mayr. Next step is to fill in the form "ERASMUS+ Nominierung". Application deadline: April for the winter semester, September for the summer semester. Any specific questions not covered here? Please contact our Associate Dean of Studies Prof. Georg Mayr


Associate Dean of Studies (assoc. Prof. Dr. Georg Mayr)

 Studienvertretung (StV Atmosphärenwissenschaften)

  1.  Vorsitzende: Paula Spannring, 1. Semester Master
  2.  Vorsitzende: Almut Alexa, 5. Semester Master
  3.  Vorsitzender: Daniel Gratzl, 5. Semester Bachelor

Als Studienvertretung sind wir der erste Ansprechpartner für Studierende. Wir haben das Ziel, das Studieren auf unserem Institut so angenehm wie möglich zu machen. Falls ihr Anregungen an Lehrveranstaltungen habt, diese aber nicht persönlich ansprechen wollt, könnt ihr euch gerne an uns wenden. Auch wenn ihr Probleme mit einzelnen Lehrpersonen habt, haben wir immer ein offenes Ohr für euch. Außerdem organisieren wir während des Semesters einige Veranstaltungen, wo Studenten aus allen Semestern sowohl vom Bachelor als auch vom Master zusammenkommen. Für Anregungen und Fragen könnt ihr uns gern persönlich kontaktieren oder einfach eine E-Mail an schreiben.

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