Haltestelleninstallation „Frau Hitt und die 19 Fragen“

Frau Hitt and the 19 Questions

Opening: 11 April 2019
Duration: 12 April to 25 October 2019
Location: at 7 IVB stops from “Höttinger Au/West” to “Landesmuseum”

In 2019, on the occasion of its 350th anniversary, the University of Innsbruck invites the public to engage in dialogue. The exhibition Frau Hitt and the 19 Questions deals with the legendary rock formation on the Northern Range and offers revealing insights into the different disciplines and research Areas.

Frau Hitt, the prosperous queen of giants,
is acting unethically and immorally.
As thunder growls and lightning strikes
a divine power turns the monarch
into cold, dead stone.

In the anniversary year, the powerful ruler is sent on a journey of discovery through the faculties of the university. What if microbiologists and lawyers, philosophers and sports scientists were to study the tales surrounding the striking rock formation?

Bus Stops

  • Höttinger Au | West
  • Fürstenweg
  • Klinik | Universität
  • Terminal Marktplatz
  • Maria-Theresien-Straße
  • Museumstraße
  • Landesmuseum

From 12 April to 25 October 2019, the various thought experiments at seven IVB stops, from "Höttinger Au/West" to "Landesmuseum", are inviting visitors to question, participate and discover something new.


Project Team

Idea: Michael Kröll
Concept, Design: Michael Kröll, Lisa Erben, Celia Di Pauli
Content, Texts: Marina Schmidt, Maria Prantl, Lisa Noggler-Gürtler

The exhibition Frau Hitt und the 19 Questions is a project by the University of Innsbruck and was realised in cooperation with the IVB and the city of Innsbruck as part of the 350th anniversary celebrations. Special thanks go to the Office of Public Relations and the Förderkreis 1669 – Wissenschaft Gesellschaft of the University of Innsbruck, as well as to Schlossermeister Michael Gassebner, the company Fröschl Beton, for providing the concrete, and all other contractors.

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