Frau Hitt, an old mermaid?


Bus Stop: Maria-Theresien-Straße  

Not a flattering title for the sprightly lady, but those are the (rock)hard facts. Frau Hitt originated from an ancient ocean, the petrified sea floor of which today forms the Nordkette, the mountain range to the north of Innsbruck. By the way, her geological home is Africa, where that sea used to be about 240 million years ago. The sea floor undertook an astonishing journey to the north, rising in elevation by about 2.000 metres. The present appearance of the Nordkette was created by erosion processes in the last tens of thousands of years. So Frau Hitt is still quite young – at least if you look at her from a geological perspective.

  Faculty of Geo- and Atmospheric Sciences

  Department of Geology

Photo: © Paul Treichl 2019

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