Why is Frau Hitt in town?


Bus Stop: Klinik | Universität  

As part of the lecture series "Räume der Wissenschaft" (" Spaces of Science"), the Faculty of Architecture already considered the university anniversary a few years ago. Initiated and organised by Eric Sidoroff, the professors Celia Di Pauli, Lisa Noggler-Gürtler, Markus Blösl, Christian Mariacher and Günther Wett, along with students, collected suggestions on how the university could be opened up to the public and presented in all its facets.

During one of these courses the project "Frau Hitt und die 19 Fragen" was developed. The idea of having the entire university research on a single topic came from the student Michael Kröll. This would make it possible to highlight differences and similarities between the individual faculties. The results of these thought experiments were to be presented at bus stops in order to offer people waiting the opportunity to easily find out more about the university and its diverse activities. "Frau Hitt" was chosen as the overarching theme for the joint research because the combination of rock formation, which can be investigated and analysed, and legend, which offers a great deal of room for interpretation, creates numerous connecting points for all faculties of the university. In addition, the stories about the stonehearted giant queen are known in Innsbruck and Tyrol and are intended both to awaken the interest of the population and to reduce possible thresholds of inhibition.

The scientists of the University of Innsbruck have asked themselves a total of 19 research questions; the answers will now be presented at seven stops of the IVB from "Höttinger Au/West" to "Landesmuseum". Frau Hitt rides through the city once more and leaves several rocks that provide space for stories about the University of Innsbruck.

  Faculty of Architecture


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