On the occasion of the 350th anniversary of the university in 2019, there will be its own logo in the new corporate design. This can and should be used for anniversary events.

When using the anniversary logo, the same regulations apply as for the university logo. All instructions for use and the CD manual can be found at

If you have any further questions about using the 350 years logo, please contact

Download 350 Years Logo University of Innsbruck

Download 350 Years E-Mail Signature E-Mail Signatur 350 Jahre

Instructions for Microsoft Outlook:
Open the file signatur-muster-350-jahre.htm (German template) or signatur-muster-350-jahre-en.htm (English template)  , copy the whole content and paste it into your Outlook at "File" → "Options" → "E-Mail" → "Signatures...".

Attention: The signature-sample-350-jahre.htm does not contain the 350 years logo yet.

To add the 350 years logo, first save the logo from the following page locally to your computer: Then add the 350 year logo to the signature via the icon Insert image "Insert image" Bild einfügen .

Instructions for Mozilla Thunderbird:

Save the file signatur-muster-350-jahre-inkl-logo.htm (German template) or signatur-muster-350-jahre-inkl-logo-en.htm (Englishn template)   first locally on your computer. This file directly contains the general logo image bar. With the help of an HTML editor (e.g. Adobe Dreamweaver, Nvu-HTML-Editor = Freeware) the contents can be changed. In your Thunderbird under "Extras/Account settings..." select the button "Attach a file as signature instead (text, HTML or graphic)" under "Signature text" and insert the edited file.

Download 350 Years of PowerPoint Templates

Format 16:9

  350 Jahre PowerPoint-Template 1

  350 Jahre PowerPoint-Template 2

Format 4:3

  350 Jahre PowerPoint-Template 1

  350 Jahre PowerPoint-Template 2


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