Vogelperspektive auf Innsbruck

We're celebrating!

Portrait: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Tilmann Märk - Rector of the University of Innsbruck
Photo: Gerhard Berger

In 2019 we celebrate 350 years of Leopold Franzens University Innsbruck. 350 years of eventful history - with great moments as well as inglorious moments. Our university thrives both on the people who work here and on their environment, in which questions and challenges are born that science then deals with. Our history is therefore always closely interwoven with the history of the city, the country and international developments. I am looking forward to an eventful anniversary year 2019!

Tilmann Märk

Rector of the University of Innsbruck

Portrait: Dr. Heinz Faßmann - Federal Minister of Education, Science and Research
Photo: BMBWF Martin Lusser

The situation of higher education in Tyrol in the 17th century was quite different from today: Those who wanted to study at that time had to move to Vienna or Freiburg. With the founding of the University of Innsbruck, the situation changed dramatically. Today, the University of Innsbruck is an excellent educational and research institution whose reach and reputation extends far beyond the national borders. I would like to congratulate the University of Innsbruck on its special anniversary and thank all those who contribute daily to filling the University with science, spirit and life!

Heinz Faßmann

Federal Minister for Education, Science and Research

Portrait: Günther Platter - Governor of Tyrol
Photo: Land Tirol – Aichner

Without the achievements in research and teaching since then, today's Tyrol would not have arrived in the 21st century as a dynamic economic and recreational area with the highest quality of life. This applies to the outstanding work of the scientists who have emerged from our state university or worked at it. We also need the scientific excellence of the University of Innsbruck for the future viability of Tyrol.

Günther Platter

Governor of Tyrol

Portrait: Georg Willi - Mayor
Photo: Christian Forcher

The city of Innsbruck celebrates its university in 2019. For 350 years, Innsbruck has been a university city and thus the scene of research and teaching, science and study, ideas and convictions. The contribution that the Leopold Franzens University has made to Innsbruck's development is immeasurable and irreplaceable. In addition to looking back at successes, setbacks and dark times, it is also important to look ahead. Together with the city administration and politicians, the university location is to be further developed in order to shape Innsbruck for centuries to come.

Georg Willi

Mayor of the City of Innsbruck

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