Knowledge, skills and competences

Besides of teaching and research, continued education is another major task of universities. Jobs trained for and educations finished once are no longer a guarantee for a successful career. Competences, skills and qualifications must be continuously re-acquired and “updated”.

The University Innsbruck gladly fulfils its legally enshrined task of further educating its graduates and also feels obliged towards the general public.

The continued academic education at the University of Innsbruck includes additional and higher specialist qualifications in the study fields offered at the university. The requirements and challenges of the European concept of lifelong learning are implemented on the subject-specific and didactical level of a university.


 Strategie zum lebensbegleitenden Lernen in Österreich LLL:2020 

 Struktur- und Projektförderungen im Erw.- und Weiterbildungsbereich in Österreich, April 2012

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