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Tyrol is the westernmost state of Austria after Vorarlberg. The district and state capital of Innsbruck (132.519 inhabitants - as of 01.01.2023) is the urban centre of Tyrol and offers a very high quality of life due to its location in the middle of the Alps. Where else can you take the cable car, just a few minutes' walking distance, directly from the city centre and travel to an altitude of 2,300 metres above sea level, directly into the Karwendel mountains: the largest nature park in Austria? On the other hand, the habitable settlement area is of course very limited due the alpine topography. The valley along the Inn River is therefore densely populated. Many other attractive residential areas are located on the northern and southern slopes of the Inn Valley and on the uplands in the surrounding areas, the so called „Mittelgebirge“.

In the rural areas, one or two-family houses are the rule. In the areas close to the city, there is a mix of single-family and increasingly multi-family houses. In Innsbruck itself, densely populated housing complexes are to be found. In the inner city, block structures with courtyards predominate. In some areas, such as the Olympic Village („O-Dorf“) or Neu-Rum in the east of the city, there are some high density residential areas with buildings that rise above the usual four to five storeys.

HOUSING PRICES rental / property

Rental prices:

The net rental prices (excluding operating costs and VAT) in Innsbruck are currently starting at around 14 € per square metre – house and apartment sizes are generally indicated in square metres, not number of bedrooms etc. as in other countries.

Smaller apartments usually have a higher price per square meter than larger ones. Rental prices mostly depend on the location of an apartment and its condition (categories). For VAT and utility costs you should expect about an additional 25% of the net rent. Always inquire about prices for gross or inclusive rent and which items are included. In most cases, the costs of electricity or heating are added to the net rent and utility costs.


Prices per square metre for property in and around Innsbruck start from approximately 4,000 € for used real estate and have, particularly with regard to new buildings, no upper limit. A good overview of the individual parts of the city with annually updated real estate prices is offered by „Immobilienmarktbericht - Wohnen & Wirtschaften in Innsbruck...“ („Real Estate Market Report - Housing & Business Sites in Innsbruck ...“). Can be ordered via

RESIDENTIAL AREAS Tyrol and Innsbruck  

Tyrol - districts and municipalities

The two most convenient residential areas for employees and students of the University of Innsbruck are located in the districts of Innsbruck Land and Innsbruck Stadt. Locations that are interesting for commuters may also be found in the districts of Imst and Landeck (possibly Reutte), west of Innsbruck, or Schwaz and Kufstein (possibly Kitzbühel), east of Innsbruck, as especially the Inn Valley is conveniently accessible via public transport, using both ÖBB (federal railway) or VVT (Tyrol Public Transport Association), or via private transport.

 Bezirksübersicht Tirol

Many popular residential towns and villages around Innsbruck are located in the district of Innsbruck Land. The entire settlement area of the Inn Valley, from Telfs / Zirl / Kematen to the west of Innsbruck, to Hall / Mils / Wattens to the east of Innsbruck, is attractive as a residential area and easily accessible.

Similarly, the villages of the Wipptal and Stubaital valleys south of Innsbruck are ideal places to live. Also popular are the uplands of the southern Inn Valley, the so-called „Mittelgebirge“,  100 to 500 metres above the valley floor, with villages such as Axams, Birgitz, Götzens, Mutters, and Natters to the west, or Lans, Aldrans, and Sistrans to the east. Other attractive residential towns are located on the uplands called the „Mieminger Plateau“ (west of Telfs) or in the area of the town of Hall, with the surrounding villages of Thaur, Absam, and Gnadenwald. More maps...

 Gemeinden Tirol

Innsbruck City Area („Innsbruck Stadt“ District)

Innsbruck's residential area spreads both on the plain of the Inn Valley and on the northern and southern slopes. A good point of reference is the curved course of the Inn River. The oldest settlement centres with the old town on the one hand and the neighbourhoods of Mariahilf and St. Nikolaus on the other are located south and north, respectively, of the central, historic Inn Bridge. The part of town called Hötting occupies the northern slope area. Early city expansion took place in the south, between the old town and the part of town called Wilten, which dates back to Roman times, and to the east (parts of town called Saggen and Pradl). Further east, towards Hall, and west, towards the airport, the newer parts of town are spreading. General information about Innsbruck can be found at, an interactive city map of Innsbruck facilitates orientation.

Stadtteile Innsbruck

Source: Anton Prock 2010 (creative commons license)


Classic platforms for finding a place to live in Innsbruck and Tyrol are

  • Tiroler Tageszeitung (TT, local newspaper)
  • Bezirksblätter or Stadtblatt (free regional newspapers for all districts of Tyrol): these often have private ads (with more affordable prices because there is no real estate agent fee)
  • The real estate section of a well-known Austrian classified portal:
  • A service by the ÖH (Austrian Student Union): current ads for temporary accommodation, furnished and/or shared rooms, apartments:
  • Private offers via Betriebsrat der Universität Innsbruck here

It is always advisable, in addition to the active search for housing offers, to place a search ad on one of the portals mentioned above.

Links related to temporary accommodation:


The University of Innsbruck and the Medical University of Innsbruck enable access to the allocation procedure for rental apartments. Further information and contact persons:


For information and advice regarding the conclusion of a lease contract, the websites of the following institutions are recommended:


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