Support for families

Further information can be obtained from the Family Services of the University of Innsbruck  



The University of Innsbruck is certified as a family-friendly employer and has been awarded the title of „Top Employer“ by the business magazine „trend“ 2017 - 2024. We were also awarded "The most family-friendly company in Tyrol" by the state of Tyrol for the third time in a row.


  • on individually suitable forms of childcare (childminders, nurseries, crèches, kindergartens, self-organized children's groups, after-school care, day care centres, etc.) and their sevices (costs, location, special features, etc.) in Innsbruck and the surrounding area
  • the Austrian education system and schools in Tyrol
  • bilingual classes / international schools
  • financial support options
  • family benefits and legal regulations in Austria
  • Austrian family benefits in a cross-border context (a compilation can be found here)
  • programmes provided by the University for employees on parental leave
  • on caring for relatives
  • about services and programmes for children and young people at the University of Innsbruck


Further services provided by the Family Services of the University of Innsbruck:

  • SpielRäume: flexible childcare by the hour
  • holiday childcare during the semester and summer holidays
  • childcare during events
  • babysitting ads
  • advice and arrangement of crèches and kindergartens (Luftabon and Leopold)
  • programmes offered by the University for children and young people
  • baby changing tables on campus


Special international or bilingual programmes (in English, Italian, etc.) in Innsbruck and Tyrol:


The University Sports Institute USI offers numerous courses for children and young people during the academic semesters (swimming, children's parent gymnastics, climbing, children's gymnastics, judo, water jumping and much more). There are various weekly holiday programmes during the summer holidays: Children's Sports Weeks in July and August 7-13 and USI Summer Camps from July to September 7-12.



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