Learning German

To really understand the country and its people, knowledge of the German language is essential. Here are some tips regarding providers of German courses, information points and funding opportunities in Innsbruck.


The Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR) deals with the assessment of progress in learning a foreign language. The aim is to make the various European language certificates comparable with each other and to create a benchmark for the acquisition of language skills.

The CEFR levels are the basic levels:

A: Elementary language use
B: Independent use of language
C: Competent use of language

These are further subdivided into a total of 6 levels of language proficiency (A1 Beginners, A2 Basic knowledge, B1 Advanced language use, B2 Independent language use, C1 Specialised language knowledge, C2 Almost native speaker knowledge).


The Language Centre of the University offers German courses (A1-C1) during academic terms. Registration for the summer term (course period: March to July) takes place in mid-February, for the winter term (course period: October to January) in mid-September. For specific course contents, deadlines, prices and registration modes, please refer to the Language Centre website.

In September, 3-week intensive German courses (A1-B2) are offered, which promote both language practice and intercultural encounters. For incoming students, we also recommend the course "Kultur- und Landeskunde Österreichs" or the online "Mini-Crashkurs Deutsch und Interkulturelles 1x1 Österreich".

An interesting way to improve your German language skills and learn more about the country and its people is the study buddy partnership programme. With its help, a language learner with one particular mother tongue can find a learner with another mother tongue so they can work together to improve their foreign language skills. For further information, click here.


The various other options for learning German in Tyrol are summarised on a page of the Integration Office of the Tyrolean Regional Government. There is an up-to-date list of providers of German courses in Innsbruck. It includes German language courses offered by private and public institutions, courses especially for women, courses for the workplace, learning cafés etc.

The widest range of courses with classes held in various locations in the Tyrol, is offered by the following public institutions: Wirtschaftsförderungsinstitut (WiFi) Tirol, Berufsförderungsinstitut (BFI) Tirol or VHS (Volkshochschule). Interesting offers such as language tandems or German conversation in your area are also waiting for you in the Innsbruck neighbourhood centres (Stadtteiltreffs).

The brochure "Tirol für AnfängerInnen" (Tyrol for beginners), which is available in several languages both online and in print, offers a very nice compilation of all important information and addresses for internationals.

Online offers for German as a foreign language are available, for example, free of charge from the ÖIF (see below) and for a fee from the Goethe-Institut.


In addition to all the information on ÖIF-certified language courses for the fulfilment of an integration agreement, here you will also find a language portal, which offers free online exercises and learning materials for learning German on your own. Further assistance for migrants and immigrants can be found at the Tyrol Integration Centre of the ÖIF.


  • For University Employees
    Please contact the Personnel Development team for any issues regarding support for German language courses.
  • Integration Agreement:
    For a refund of the course costs as part of an integration agreement, please contact the ÖIF
  • Non-working Persons with Main Residence in Tyrol
    Up to approx. 50% of the course costs can be reimbursed by the State of Tyrol for those who are not obliged to fulfil an integration agreement, are not employed, but live permanently and legally in Tyrol.
  • Employed Persons with Main Residence in Tyrol
    For working immigrants, a reimbursement of approx. 30% of the course costs is possible through the Employment Market Promotion unit within the framework of the „Bildungsgeld update“ („Financial Support for Education Update“) programme.
  • Jobseekers / Unemployed Persons
    Jobseekers or unemployed people may receive funding from the ams (= Public Employment Service) for German language courses. Please contact the ams Tirol office in Innsbruck directly.
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