MPM Vol. 9 Launch Event

The Launch Event of Many Peaces Magazine Volume 9 "Development and Peace Work" will take place at the Wagner'sche Bookstore in Innsbruck on January 12th 2018.

InnPeace is happy to announce the launch event of the 9th Volume of the Many Peaces Magazine – an initiative that is supported by members of the research group "Peace Journalism". Details will be be announced soon on the MPM Facebook page, but be excited for interesting talks and readings about the topic of the upcoming volume:

Development & Peace Work. 12th of January 2019, 19:00 Wagner'sche Buchhandlung, Innsbruck.

Moreover, there will be music, food and drinks. Stay tuned and spread the word! We are looking forward to seeing many known and new faces!

The Many Peaces Magazine was conceptualized and launched in 2014 and since then has been published twice a year, in January and July. The Many Peaces Magazine team has changed and developed over the past volumes and is currently coordinated by a team spread out over three continents and features authors and stories from around the globe. Many of the articles, stories and contributions that can be found in the magazine relate to the field of Peace Studies in some way, but more specifically to the fields of Transrational Peace Philosophy and Elicitive Conflict Transformation, as developed at the University of Innsbruck's UNESCO Chair for Peace Studies. The UNESCO Chair for Peace Studies have outlined five main interpretations of peace in history and culture: energetic, moral, modern, postmodern and transrational peaces. The UNESCO Chair explains that, each of these types of peaces has a specific key value, “energetic peace privileges harmony, the moral interpretation emphasizes justice, the modern understanding of peace calls for security, and the postmodern approach deals with the question of truth(s)”. Lastly, a transrational understanding of peace, combines all of the above in a holistic manner, both applying and appreciating the rationality of modern sciences while simultaneously transgressing its limits. Elicitive Conflict Transformation is understood to be the applied method of Transrational Peace Philosophy, as it “draws out, highlights, and catalyzes existing or communally held knowledge related to transforming conflicts between individuals, groups, and communities” as opposed to more prescriptive and top-down models of peacebuilding. The Many Peaces Magazine is founded on the idea that there are many peaces, many interpretations and expressions of what peace is, and our work seeks to embody the philosophies and theories of the UNESCO Chair for Peace Studies while showcasing the work and research of both peace researchers and conflict workers from Innsbruck and around the world.

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