Lockers and cloakroom

Day lockers

All our locations are equipped with day lockers, which you can use free of charge with your library card.

The use of a locker is recorded as a loan in the library account. The locker must be returned on the same day. Before using your card for the first time or if your card does not work, please update it at one of the black Salto terminals until it lights up green.

If you exceed the loan period, you will be charged Fees: Both your library account and the locker will be automatically blocked. To open them, please contact the library or security staff on site.

Rental safe deposit boxes

Students of the Leopold Franzens University and the Medical University can rent a locker for 6 months each. A one-time extension is possible. Please contact the library staff on site.

Rental fee: € 30
Rental period: 6 months.

Contact: Customer service: +43 512 507 2410,

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