Current research projects

In the context of translational stress research, the following studies are currently in progress:

  • Project EMO: Neuronal correlates of emotional and cognitive processing of priming tasks in patients with major depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and autism compared to healthy control subjects The project also includes the characterization of mitochondrial metabolic changes in patients with major depression and their reversibility through antidepressive intervention (collaborative project with Prof. Dr. Markus Kiefer, University of Ulm, Germany).
  • Project CCO-NIRS: Brain cytochrome-c-oxidase assessed by Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) as a mitochondrial biomarker in depression (cooperation project with Prof. Dr. Lisa Holper, Psychiatric University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland).
  • "Pathomechanisms of emotion regulation in borderline personality disorder (BPD): Supplementary investigations of the psychoneuroimmunological consequences of BPD at the biomolecular and pathophysiological level" (collaborative project with Prof. Dr. Christian Schmahl, Central Institute of Mental Health in Mannheim and the University of Ulm). For further information on the project see [].
  • Project "MY CHILDHOOD – YOUR CHILDHOOD": A study on the influence of childhood experiences of mothers on their children from birth to school age. For further information on the project see [MY CHILDHOOD – YOUR CHILDHOOD].
  • Project StressVR: Investigation of the psychobiological reactions to the exposure of a simulated wing-suit flight using Virtual Reality.
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