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Leokadia Justman’s Survival Story

Edition – Analysis – Public Awareness


This interdisciplinary and international research project explores the writings of the Jewish authoress Leokadia Justman (1924–2002, married Lorraine Justman-Wisnicki), especially her autobiographical memories of her survival of the Holocaust in Poland and the regions of Seefeld, Innsbruck and Zell am See, written in 1945/46 and 1963. The project aims at a scientific online edition, the publication of a German version of Justman's memoir (Tyrolia publishers, 2025) and public awareness programs via media and in schools.

Greetings by Jeffrey Wisnicki (son of Leokadia / Lorraine Justman-Wisnicki), Justin Wisnicki and Brandon Wisnicki (grandsons)

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