ÖAW Work­shop

Inter- and transdisciplinary work

3 to 4 April ÖAW “Workshop Transdisciplinarity”

On 3rd and 4th of April 2023, the HILUC PhD-team took part in a workshop on "Transdisciplinarity" at the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna. This offered the opportunity to deal with the theoretical foundations of transdisciplinary research, but also to discuss the practical challenges involved. Furthermore, experiences were exchanged with other members of the Earth System Sciences research programme.

Building facade and entrance area of the Tyrolean Provincial Archives.

The PhD students of the HILUC project at the ÖAW Workshop for Transdisciplinarity.
Photo © R. Schrott, 2023

ÖAW building in side view

Photo © R. Schrott, 2023

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