Ebra Start

In the trial version of EBRA all measuring functions of EBRA can be used, but no results can be saved.

In order to get a full license of EBRA (either CUP, FCA or both) the following steps have to be performed:

Download "Terms & Conditions" form and EBRA trial

  1. Fill out the form "Terms an Conditions" and sign it.
  2. Download EBRA trial and install it using the wizard
  3. Generate a license request for the part of EBRA (CUP, FCA or both) you want to use via "Help - Register".
    Click on "Generate License Request"
    Fill the form with organization, name and email of the corresponding customer
    After choosing "Gernerate License Request" a file is generated and the link to the saved file is given. Send this file to as shown in the window.

When sending the filled and signed "Terms & Conditions" and the license request an invoice for the requested license will be sent via email. After purchasing the license informations will be handeled via email correspondence.

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