Open Access Publishing

In general, there are two roads researchers can take:

grünes Schloss

Self-archiving (Zweitveröffentlichung) via an institutional or subject repository
("Open Access Green")

goldenes Schloss

Primary open access publication of the scientific text through an online medium
("Open Access Gold")

Authors that aim to offer their work via open access media have to consider the legal framework. Especially if publications have already appeared in a „closed access“ medium, like a subscription-based journal, the legal framework of those journals or publishers applies. When making their scientific work accessible for the wider public on their own website or in an institutional repository, authors have to hold the right of use.

Ideally, the contracts between authors and publishers should be set up in a way that reserves the authors the right to archive their works in openly accessible online-archives or the document server of their own institution.

Open Access Contact Point

University and State Library of Tyrol
Dr. Barbara Laner (on leave)
Lisa Hofer

Tel.: +43 (0)512 507 - 25073




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