The different funding agencies play a central role in the world of science and research. Many funding agencies, among them the European Commission as well as the FWF, have clearly declared their support of open access and demand open access from researchers.

FWF (Austrian Science Fund)

The “Peer-reviewed Publications”-programme was replaced by the Open Access Block Grant on 1 January 2024. Information on the allocation of funding within the framework of the Open Access Block Grant at the University of Innsbruck can be found on the website of the Vice Rectorate for Research.

The guidelines of Plan S apply to all FWF research projects submitted after 1.1.2021.

In its "Book Publications"-programme, the FWF continues to support the open access publication of monographs, complete edited volumes and proceedings.


In the Horizon Europe programme, there is an open access obligation for scientific publications under the conditions required by the grant agreement. This means that these publications have to be made openly accessible to readers online and free of charge. The costs of open access publications are eligible for funding if they arise throughout the project duration.

Please note that in Horizon Europe all publications published as "Gold Open Access" must addintionally be uploaded to an (institutional or subject-specific) open access repository. If you have any questions about the upload, please contact the Open Access Contact Point ( DW 25401).

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The European Commission has launched a scientific publishing service called Open Research Europe. Open Research Europe provides all Horizon Europe beneficiaries and their researchers with a venue to publish their results in open access, at no cost, and in full compliance with the open access policies.

The platform is accepting publications in all fields of science. Research should be original and stem from a Horizon Europe grant in which at least one of the authors is involved.

The platform will use a model of immediate publication of submissions followed by transparent, invited and open peer review with inclusion of all supporting data. The names of the reviewers as well as their reviews will be open and citeable.

The article guidelines for publishing in the platform are available at

Anniversary Fund of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB)

The OeNB is funding print and publishing costs of up to EUR 5,000 in the context of the project (application).

Extract from the "Information on the accounting of Anniversary Fund projects" with regard to printing and publication costs (translation from the German version):

  • To make the project’s outcome accessible for further research activities, the Anniversary Fund supports the dissemination of research results (contributions to printing costs, reimbursement of open access fees, etc.).
  • The support received from the Anniversary Fund has to be acknowledged in all publications originating from the project.
  • The funding of printing and publication costs is capped at € 5,000 including VAT.

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