Review Board Sport Science

The Review Board Sport Science is an institutional review board that reviews research projects for ethical acceptability according to the rules of good scientific practice. The purpose of the Review Board is to ensure that adequate measures are taken to protect the rights and welfare of the people who participate as subjects in a research study. Documents are required to weigh the risk-benefit potential of the research projects. The Review Board Sport Science addresses research involving individuals without diagnosed health conditions.

The forms for the Review Board can be found on the page Beirat für ethische Fragen in der wissenschaftlichen Forschung. (German and English version available)

Note: It should be noted that an application must be submitted BEFORE the start of a research project to be reviewed.

Please send the completed and signed application including enclosures by e-mail to Laura Rietzler

All applications received will first be reviewed by the Chair and then considered and decided upon by the members by circulation, or in a meeting.

The clearance certificate will be issued via the Office of the Vice Rector for Research after the application has been positively evaluated by the Review Board Sport Science.

For questions for the Review Board Sport Science, please contact Laura Rietzler

For questions to the Advisory Board for Ethical Issues in Scientific Research, please contact Robert Rebitsch

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