Kurzentwerfen 1

AG Kurzentwerfen 1
Inside Out

The continuity of the interior and exterior spaces and creating different space qualities is a significant consideration of architectural design. During this short design course, we will learn and discuss about various topics of design thinking, design process, form-finding, and geometry to realize our ideas.

Course Instructors:
Mohammad Hassan Saleh Tabari
Fereshteh Khojastehmehr
Hasan Hadi Abdulameer

Learning Objective:

• Give the students the insight to think like an architect.

• Gain knowledge and experience in the design process through which the final design emerges.

Methods and Learning Outcomes:

• Discussion on design approaches in architecture from 1992 until now to give students insight into the evaluation of the thinking and its impact.

• Defining the position of geometry in the aforementioned design approaches.

• Experimenting with how geometry realizes the design process into emerged forms.

The class project

Students were asked to design a multi-functional structural form for the main yard of Technic Campus connecting the campus buildings together. Minimal surfaces due their advantages in terms of their natural form and aesthetics, material consumption, and structural performance were explored. The design should consist of different functions including study, collaboration between departments, exhibition, and gathering for students and staff. In gourps of 3 members, students designed the projects in the both digital and physical environment.

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