University of Innsbruck

Kurzentwerfen 1- Winter 2023

AG Kurzentwerfen 1
Inside Out

The continuity of the interior and exterior spaces and creating different space qualities is a significant consideration of architectural design. During this short design course, we will learn and discuss about various topics of design thinking, design process, form-finding, and geometry to realize our ideas.

Course Instructors:
Mohammad Hassan Saleh Tabari
Fereshteh Khojastehmehr
Hasan Hadi Abdulameer

Learning Objective:

• Give the students the insight to think like an architect.

• Gain knowledge and experience in the design process through which the final design emerges.

Methods and Learning Outcomes:

• Discussion on design approaches in architecture from 1992 until now to give students insight into the evaluation of the thinking and its impact.

• Defining the position of geometry in the aforementioned design approaches.

• Experimenting with how geometry realizes the design process into emerged forms.

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