Excursion course

LSU Excursion to Spain, Summer Semester 2023

The Excursion to Spain took place between the 3rd and 12th of April 2023. During a 10-day trip, we visited Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, and Zaragoza. We explored different architectural buildings designed by architects including Antonio Gaudi, Santiago Calatrava, Frank Gehry, Norman Foster, Jean Nouvel, Herzog & de Meuron, etc., which had different functions such as churches, museums, palaces, stadiums, educational facilities, houses, and bridges.


- Günther H. Filz (Professor of Lightweight Structures)
- Fereshteh Khojastehmehr (Ph.D. Researcher and University Assistant)
- Mohammad Hassan Saleh Tabari (Ph.D. Researcher and University Assistant)

Photos and video by Stefannie Wittmann, click below to see the full list of her photos from the trip.

Link to the photos page

City plans and the buildings we visited


- Yann Birsens
- Elena Borbe
- Sarah Weiler
- Zhishan Chen
- Ana Paulina Robles Fernandes
- Anna Louise Marie Garban Fabeck
- Lynn Federspiel
- Michael Hetzenauer
- Louisa Sommer
- Philipp Hofer
- Florian Mladek
- Gabriel Seidl
- Tamer Acar
- Zoran Mirceta
- Julian Öttl
- Alexander Karl Reiterer
- Alex Walcher
- Hannah Jule Traub
- Stefanie Wittmann


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