University of Innsbruck

PJ Entwerfen 3 On the shoulders of giants

Bachelor's Programme Architecture According to the curriculum 2019 

Held by : Benedict Esche, Günther H. Filz

On the Shoulders of Giants.

In the face of escalating climate change and its impact on extreme weather conditions, "On the Shoulders of Giants" delves into the realms of lightweight, temporary, mobile, and adaptive architecture. Our focus lies in designing shelters that serve as hubs for observational research and problem-solving, tackling the increasing occurrences of weather extremes and the dwindling presence of the world's glacial giants. These resilient structures aim to adapt to shifting climate conditions while addressing the critical issue such as diminishing freshwater resources.

This endeavor prompts critical questions: How much should we build, and what allocation of resources is ethically justifiable? "On the Shoulders of Giants" also resonates within the scientific community, emphasizing the notion that knowledge builds upon prior knowledge. Here, the dwarfs standing upon the shoulders of giants often possess unique perspectives beyond the giants themselves. Consequently, this design studio calls for a reevaluation of established scientific, research and design practices, urging us to ponder what aspects of knowledge should, or must, be scrutinized and redefined.

Creadits : 5 ETCS
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