SE Bionics and Nodeless Structures

Bachelor's Programme Architecture According to the curriculum 2018 

Held by : MSc. Hasan Hadi Abdulameer

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Learning Outcome

The students gain insights into specific perspectives of bionic structures in architecture and set individual emphases. In the course  "Bionic and Nodeless Structures" students will examine and understand the anatomy of biological forms and how they can transform the patterns and processes of botanic joints into structures. The course has two important parts, the analysis and the design in digital environment. The final output of the documentation will include the individual study as well as the digital and physical models from the projects. 



Contents include a basic knowledge about the bio mimicry, bionics in structures of architecture and methods of analyzation the botanic anatomy patterns, as well as the strategies of transforming the patterns to 3D forms in detailing manners. Subsequently, students will implement their understanding in the digital environment by considering anatomical pattern in plants joints in order to create and build structural elements. Within the course, students will learn from theory to practical issues and at the end they will apply their understandings on to physical prototype. 

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