Die Isaurier: Ein Beispiel für die vertikalen Grenzen von Herrschaft im spätantiken römischen Imperium

At the 6th Montafoner Gipfeltreffen which was organized by Robert Rollinger, Kai Ruffing, Michael Kasper and Andreas Rudigier, Clemens Steinwender gave a lecture on the Isaurians in Late Antiquity on 19.10.2023. He explained how this population from the Taurus Mountains in Asia Minor was depicted in the sources. He also discussed the emperor Zeno the Isaurian and the years that followed, when Emperor Anastasius was able to break the power of the Isaurians in the late antique Roman Empire for a time. The lecture was accompanied by a lively discussion.

Steinwender Gipfeltreffen Isaurier
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