Da­niel Kiechl

Short Biography

  • Studies in classical archaeology (graduation with award)
  • Studies in ancient history (graduation with award)
  • currently: doctoral studies in ancient history (supervisor: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Kaja Harter-Uibopuu, second supervisor: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Robert Rollinger)     
  • 2019: research stay at Hamburg University

Research Interests

  • Greek historiography (especially Herodotus)
  • Theories and methods of the historic sciences
  • Ancient art


  • Scholarship honoring good performance given by Innsbruck University
  • DOC-Sholarship given by the Austrian Academy of Sciences


  • 13th December 2016: presentation of the conclusions of my diploma thesis at the Innsbruck Herodotus reading club
  • 12th January 2018: presentation of my dissertation concept within the seminar “Presentation of Dissertation Concepts“ at Innsbruck University
  • 4th June 2019: presentation of special topics of my dissertation project within the phd-student talks at the Hamburg department for ancient history
  • 3rd December 2020: contemporary law theory in Herodotus, online conference "Ancient Worlds in Perspective: Contextualizing Herodotus"


  • D. Kiechl, Herodots Erzählung von Adrastos und Atys in ihrer Abhängigkeit von Antiphons zweiter Tetralogie (Herodotus‘ Narrative on Adrastos and Atys in Their Dependency to Antiphons’ Second Tetralogy, in press, volume accompanying the online conference "Ancient Worlds in Perspective: Contextualizing Herodotus")

Dissertation Concept

Title: "The Legal Historic and Literary Dimension of Assassinations in Herodotus’ Histories"

There is a noticeable number of cases of assassinations in Herodotus‘ Histories that I analyse with respect to their legal historic content and other literary aspects. Approaching these elements from a literary and especially source critical point of view is in many cases the foundation in order to contextualise them adequately. In addition, deeper insight can be yielded such as further special issues like the question of the extent of Herodotus‘ literary independency. The thesis‘ goal is to systematically grasp both certain aspects of each assassination and specific properties of their whole setting. The latter is characterised by various differentiations.

In taking part in the doctorate college „Entangled  Antiquities“ I see a chance to gain a broader interdisciplinary perspective. To me, further attractive aspects are the DK’s possibilities of taking part in scientific discussions and international networks.


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