Useful Information

  • The format of the talk is the following: the plenary speakers will be given 45 minutes (40 minutes of talk + 5 minutes of discussion), the invited speakers will be given 30 minutes (25 minutes of talk + 5 minutes of discussion), and the contributed speakers will be given 15 minutes (12 minutes talk + 3 minutes of discussion) for their turns. The presentation should be in .pptx or .pdf format with a 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Poster boards will accommodate A0 size portrait posters: height = 1189 mm, width 841 mm.
  • All poster presenters that are interested in introducing their poster topic can make a flash presentation for 60 seconds (max!) using a single PowerPoint slide (.pptx, 16:9 aspect ratio), which will be done on Monday, June 12, right before the Poster Session. The slide can be sent by email at the latest on Sunday, June 11, to We encourage all poster presenters to take advantage of this opportunity. Please fill out the poll if you want to have a flash presentation:
  • The registration for the conference will be possible on these 2 days:

- Sunday, June 11th 2023 from 5:00 – 7:00 pm @ Hotel Innsbruck

- Monday, 12th June 2023 @ Kaiser-Leopold-Saal (conference venue) from 08:00 am

  • The conference will take place in Kaiser Leopold Hall located at Karl-Rahner-Platz 3 (2nd floor, room 203), 6020, Innsbruck.
  • The lab visit will take place at the Institute of Ion Physics and Applied Physics on Sunday, June 11th, at Technikerstraße, 25/3. For those who are interested, please fill out the form on the website or here:
  • The lunch will take place in Hotel Innsbruck, which takes around 7 minutes from the conference hall, walking through the old town, so we encourage you to wear comfortable shoes.




  • The weather during the conference is now forecasted to be around 23-28 °C, but this can change.
  • We can arrange some group activities for your Tuesday afternoon, June 13. If you would like to join the group hike, consider bringing comfortable clothes and headwear. For those who enjoy the cultural program more, we will suggest some activities at the registration, or you could purchase an Innsbruck card at the Hotel.
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